Most just see as crazy

One of the biggest assumptions we make as adults is to think we know somebody because of there actions , this is just a natural thing to do for our own safety and just in everyday life we are built to be aware of our surroundings i mean we wouldn’t just walk into a road would we , we analyse everything and then we make a judgement call and unfortunately we do this with people we dont mean to but we do , even if its nothing nasty we watch a persons actions and we think we know what type of person they are and we react accordingly to others behaviour again natural unfortunately many choose to show you what they think they want you to see for example , the happy people who smile and make the world laugh but then in the next breath there sadly not here anymore and turns out they was actually the sad one or we have the i dont care about anything , nothing bothers me im tough , yet really them people are at home just wanting to be loved and someone to take care of them for once . What im saying it is so easy to act in a certain way to get a reaction or be treated in a certain way and all of us do this but do we ever stop to think what is so wrong in just baring all would it be so bad for everyone to just know you and your feelings or will we just carry on being guarded and telling ourselves we dont care what anyone thinks because the reality of it is we do all care what others think to a degree if we didn’t we wouldn’t show our happiness or our sadness or a selfie or a debate or many other things because we are all human and that’s ok so im going to attempt to not bare all but maybe just something from me that your not used too.

You will all probably know me as the crazy girl on twitter who like to swear get drunk and say what she thinks without one fuck given and you will be right in thinking that haha i am all the above but that is only 10% of who i am and the above person uses them ways as a safety mechanism if i am funny then i make people laugh which makes me happy and in some cases i am sad and need to do that , if i am tough and argumentative with dickheads i am getting my own frustrations out . If i am drunk and crazy i am probably just letting loose of all the problems and hurt i sometimes feel in my heart again whilst making people laugh . Its very hard for me to be nasty because im a big believer in karma and all i want to do in life is take care of people and make them feel good hence my job and on my work days i have a duty of care which i pride myself on giving . my job over the last 2 years has been the hardest most mentally draining thing i have ever experienced yet has now become the norm and trust me there are still the hardest days but i have learned to manage them and i have also learnt an appreciation for laughing for loving and caring for what we have got . Soooo yes i am that crazy lady with a potty mouth but behind all that i am a responsible mother , nurse , friend and i just want what everyone in the world wants and thats too be loved and feel safe and to have shit tv nights and not drink and to have crazy nights where im a nob but most of all i just want to feel happy and know im a good person oh and maybe have better grammar and punctuation hahaha . I sometimes feel sad that people dont see the other parts of me and just see crazy kim but thats on me i guess but as i said its easier to be the crazy happy person. we are all the same we all hide our most raw and inner feelings and thats ok aslong as your ok but i always say even if you assume you know somebody always have a bit of room to see another part you didnt know . If you have read this far down i appreciate the time out you took 😊and just no as crazy as you think i am , im also a human with feelings too❤❤❤❤

kind regards


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just ypur average moaning human

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