The reason for my Manchester united love

I dont and never will pretend or go on that i know the ins and outs of football or manchester united and i will very rarely comment on football posts for this reason ,but this does not mean i dont love my club because i feel i have the biggest reason to not only love this club but to also thank it and be forever in its debt .

My reasons for this are probably alot different to others i wasnt brought up on football i wasnt even that interested to be fare i was always a rugby fan and even played when i was younger , my brothers was football fans one united one city which made life interesting at the dinner table haha i remember the posters the kits the whole matchday excitement around the house even the wallpaper but even that wasnt enough for me to like any type of football and this was the case for many years , then my boy came along

12, 09,2000 my 6lb 2 beautiful Joshua was born and by the time he was 2 he was loving football by the age of 5 he thought he was Ronaldo haha he played every day at every opportunity i cant remember a time he wasn’t playing the amount of shoes and football boots and trainers i had to buy was unreal anyway Manchester united became part of him and his dad then unfortunately Joshua’s dad passed away and i watched his heart break into a million pieces and there was nothing i could do about this , the pain in is face was unreal and i felt every bit of it but unfortunately i wasn’t what he wanted , it wasnt me playing football with him or going to training or matchdays i had no idea about any of it so he stopped talking to him i Remember we had to take him out of school and take him on holiday to try and speak to us but we spent a week in a caravan with not one word my world was in pieces and i had no idea what i was going to do and then it hit me i need to love what he does .

This shit was hard work , i mean im sure it took me a good 6 month to get the offside rule right and i dont even think i fully get that haha i learnt names i learnt teams i learnt the enemy’s haha i learnt that even on a loss you you love your team and cant swap to the winning team haha i even learnt that you cant support the reff haha but before i knew it we was talking we was laughing we went to matches we was making a bond like we never had before i was going to watch his matches i was that embarrassing mum at the side line i called that reff a wanker i was trying to play one bounce it was us we was talking and over the years this bond became stronger to the point we was now arguing over what we thought of players i was actually making good points , well i think so anyway haha.

Anyway the point is i dont just love football and Manchester united for just any reason i love them because they saved me and my son and no matter what life throws at us we will always have one thing to share together and nobody can take that from us i might not be the most knowledgeable fan but i know i love my club and i am forever thankful

i see our own fanbase throwing hate at each other all the time now and i dont feel this should be the case as my son says to me , FOR THE LOVE NOT THE GLORY and then nearly cries behind a pillow but this team not only gave me my son back it gave me my best friend who i couldnt be more proud of and i know his dad will be too ❤

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