Absolute pmt and session depression outta my head !!!

there are far more fucking problems in the world than this but fook me i aint half feeling the erratic rollercoaster of my mind today its like whacking a mento in coke and just watching it errupt obviously 50% of this is self inflicted by me thinking im some kind of drinking rockstar ( clearly not ) but the other half is mother fucking nature and the miracle of life tools that just want to reasure me that my baby bag is working and ready to make a horror movie in my pants , disgusting i know but its true and im not arsed because i have pmt and think its ok to say what i want even though i know im a sicko right now , Anyway theese two mixed together can be quite a bad combination and i have learnt not to make any kind of life decisions when this happens haha trust me you get the right moment and im telling you that i love you !!! 10 seconds later im like wow your a dick its just all shit i have ten million feeelings and cant understand which ones are real now trust me i know your probably think what an absoulute weirdo but i can assure you that yes i actuall am haa but i can also promise i aint the only one who feels like this iv just copped for both hangover and pmt at the same time and im that wrecless right now im having to write so tbf this actually aint a real blog its just me venting getting my emotions out who know i might feel better tomorrow !!

I think it was the seventh drink if im honest there was more coke in it haha yep im sticking with that excuse the prick blame the barman anyway im now sat here thinking why do i feel empty , sad and funny all in one go wanting to tell the world to go fuck itself whilst wanting to hug it as well and then comes the tweeting before i think ffs thats enough on its own and i end up looking like some horny teenage nobhead whos about to whack a pic on saying felt cute but might delete later!!!! fuck off and get in the bin !!! and i will wake up tomorrow like ffs kim and be all irritated and smiling through gritted teeth thinking im not deleting it because i committed to pressing tweet so im stubborn hahaha fuck it

Right serious note now the next few days could be a wild ride haha who knows haha but i am very sure every woman in the world has had this happen if you say you haven’t then you really have a dick don’t lie so i will apologise for my ways right now but its okay because i still want to be a kind happy sunshine and fucking rainbows kinda girl even though im sat here thinking this is the worst piece of writing i have ever done !!!! oh well soon be xmas

shit regards


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just ypur average moaning human

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