My shit leg !!!!

Sooo you have no doubt seen me post or better words whinge like a sad sack about my shit leg and I’m always getting asked the question of how i did it and more to the point was i pissed , haha quick answer to that , no i wasn’t but i wish i was haha but let me take you back to the beginning as its not just a leg break what makes it shit !!!

This goes all the way back to my dads ball sack haha no the truth is i was born with a condition known as Perthes disease which wasn’t found until i was 4 Perthes disease is normally more common in boys and is a very rare condition so i cant moan i feel special that it picked me haha anyway i spent a lot of my child hood in hospital having surgery i remember being in there for that long at one point that that i actually had my own teacher and wasn’t allowed to win the weekly radio competition because it wasn’t fare on the other kids that was coming in and out haha so i also locked myself in a bathroom and tried escaping in a wheelchair because i was terrified of more surgery ha anyway i was finally allowed home and had to learn to walk all over again at the age of 8 from wheel char to Zimmer to crutches , i was permanently being called peg leg and treated differently for the way i walked or because i couldn’t walk but life carried on and so did i .

To be told you cant do something and have to watch others be able to do it has never really sat well with me so my character became a little rebellious and determined no matter what the cost and at the age of 12 i ended up with arthritis but still carried on at this point in my life my body wasn’t really showing the later effects that was going to happen pain yes but lack of movement nope so i carried on and i did what i could but with a limp .

At the age of 16 i was kickboxing and even went on to get a diploma in dancing and danced on national tv , i wore stilettoes and danced the night away every weekend and the only reason i didn’t carry on a career in dancing was because when i applied for all dance schools i was never accepted because there was always someone with a better leg , so that dream went up the shitter anyway at the lovly age of 21 i then advanced to have osteoarthritis down my left side and still i carried on trying to just be like everyone else still being asked why am i limping which is very annoying by the way i wore the heels i thought i was bendy Wendy in all way but at this point id go home and secretly cry in pain and on a night out my friend used to sit me down give me a tequila shot and have a word with leg haha i used to have to go to the toilet to try and push my leg a certain way just so it would work for a bit longer i used to go gym 3 times a week and nearly crawl out in fact i went to the gym until i actually broke my leg, anyway

Im 27 and the effects are taking place badly now i would be at work and my leg would seize and turn in and drop like a breeze block was inside my thigh i would drag my leg behind me and tell everyone to shut up im fine and carry on in absolute agony i remember catching the entertainment coordinater taking the piss outta me and just having to laugh it off but inside it hurt i just wanted to be like everyone else i was 27 feeling like a 90 year old so for years i carried on and took painkillers like they was sweets i had injections every 4 months and this carried on till i was about 35 till finally my consultant said enough is enough and decided to give me another mri to see what we could do and came back with the shit news that nearly a quarter of my joint had eroded and crushed and i was told that i needed a new hip but to do this they would have to remove the screws already in my leg which meant another surgery

Surgery day , this was meant to be a simple quick in and out surgery but it wasnt and the screws in my leg had been buried in bone so they had to take a large chunk of my femur with it which left me none weight baring for 6 weeks and for anyone who knows me would no for me to sit still for that amount of time will no how bad it effected me anyway 6 weeks passed and i finally started to walk again and the bammm there it is i had the fall , my femur had snapped in half and gone straight up my body and when i tell you it was painful i actually mean i have never experienced anything like it in my life to the point where i wanted to die because i couldnt handle anymore pain i was grey and as soon as someone touched me it was like someone pulling my bones out of my body , i was left like this for 5 days because my surgeon was on holiday and they wouldnt touch me because a new hip had already been custom made for me by 4 surgeon’s around the country due to the position of my bones until a different surgeon said no she cant stay like this and did emergency surgery on my me and i remember that was the first surgery i wasnt scared of because all i thought is if i dont wake up from this at least i wont be in pain .

Luckily for you lot hahaha i did wake up and it was a feeling better than i have ever felt in my life no pain nothing but the mental scar it left was unreal i went through months of counselling again i had to learn to walk again wheelchair to zimmer to crutches i had physio 3 times a week and it was actually supposed to take around a year to heel but its me a year is far to long haha and then we went into a pandemic and i couldnt deal with not being in work whilst this was going on , so 6 months after my break i went back to work .

nearly 2 years later and im better than ever on a good day if anything the metal work they put in me helped solve 90% of my pain as it parted and keeps my bone in place but i still dont have my new hip haha but thats on me as i refuse surgery now because if im honest im terrified of it ever breaking again a femur break is not for the faint hearted let me tell ya .

anyway to conclude this long arse blog , the reason i have wrote this is because i always get the did you do it pissed or you may think i just say my leg hurts because of the break but that actually isnt true, i do live with a disability and some day it hurts like you wouldn’t believe i have days where i cant actually walk and i hate myself and it hurts to feel like im not normal but then some days i can get my legs behind my head and do roly polys i wish i new in advance but i dont and i do have outbursts and sadness but thats ok moral of a story dont judge a book if you dont know the story

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