Do not tell me you have never experienced this !!! and if you haven’t then let me tell you i absolutely envy you because this shit is the shit that makes you want to cry and yes i say this from experience in fact far too many exsperiances haha here goes

eyes open your mouth is dry and for that half a second the world is okay then BANGGGG the brain kicks in and its like fuck off what is going on i feel sick my brain feels like its actually moving around my head !! i know this is just the hangover but then you have to think and recollect the night before what have you done was your mouth on one what have i posted have i offended anyone and on a lucky day your safe but still that lingering feeling of iv done something wrong is there and you want to fuck right off to another planet and feel at peace with yourself because nobody’s around to judge you buttttt on that bad day !!! youv only gone and posted a shit arse video or that pic you thought was amazing ( which really isn’t ) or even worse you messaged that fitty didn’t you hahaha holy shit your nearly crying and that sick feeling of beer riddling your body needs to be gone and quick your praying to the fooking universe to make you feel normal and you’ve give yourself a load of shit saying why did you do it why don’t you learn , then the never drinking again comes in and your alll fuck this shit its over between me and beer we are so done so you carry on as if nothing at allllll has happened and try and have a normal day and even try and laugh about it but then !!! you get that one person dont you who just says , well just dont drink its your own fault ( this normally my mum or a non drinker ) and that’s it the fear is heightened the defence comes out and your all soft and feeling sorry for yourself and all you want to do is say ohhhhh fuck off i know your right but i did it didn’t i and i cant take it back and my head is hanging outta my arse i really cant cope with you saying this because i will cry and i dont want to i just need you to love and support me right now hahahaha but anyway im good enough to just ignore this and secretly die inside but whilst im on the subject can i just point out , yes i know i shouldn’t have drank that much , yes i know its self inflicted and yes i know its all my foooking fault and i dont need reminding how bad it is for you because trust me i know i do not promote alcohol in any way but i am an adult and if i want to moan the day after i will hahaha sorry anyway what im saying is beer fear is real so please be kind haha it means alot on them days and whilst your sat there okay theres a person trying to eat her way out of a hangover praying to all gods and trying to drink a full fountain to get the alcohol out of there system and hoping everyone forgets you exist haaha if you ever feel like this do not think twice about messaging you i will try and tell you its all ok and the feeling will pass hahaha xxxxx

i hope you all have A GREAT day much love to all and remember Beer fear is real !!!

Published by kimbokslice

just ypur average moaning human

2 thoughts on “BEER FEAR !!!!!

  1. 😂 😂 I laughed so much at this. Absolutely love your raw feelings put out here. I’d get banned if I told some what I really thought of them and their self righteous attitudes. Well done Kim, I enjoyed this, especially the post a pic part(👀 😂)


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